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Berdos Investments Announces First PharmaTech Fund in Partnership with EIF. 

Berdos Investments, a private equity firm based in Chisinau, Moldova, today announced the closing of its first PharmaTech Fund capitalized by EIF and a leading group of limited investors.

“Establishing our first pharmatech fund represents a significant event for Berdos Investments and its promise to invest in the digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry in Moldova” Cristian Berdos, partner at Berdos Investments

The PharmaTech Fund was established to invest in digital companies and teams for pharmaceutical industry. The transaction closed with a combined enterprise value of approximately €10 million and the PharmaTech Fund includes substantial additional capital to drive organic growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions.

The fund, aims to provide solutions for more than 100 leading healthcare providers, revenue cycle management and other healthcare entities with automation solutions for more than €70 million of cash payment reconciliations as well as correspondence management and other workflows.

Dorian Berdos, founder of Berdos Investments, “Our partnership with EIF ensures we continue to deliver our promise to our investors, to invest in forward-thinking solutions and services, the additional support from both existing and new investors allows us to retain our leadership position in a fast-paced, quickly changing environment through ongoing technological innovation and the ability to take advantage of opportunities for both organic and strategic growth.”

Brian Kornmann, country director at EIF, added “We are grateful to Berdos Investments and all the investors who supported this effort. We have been fortunate to partner for this fund look forward to working closely with the executive teams and founders of the businesses to continue to aggressively pursue, and execute on, growth strategies to continue the strong performance of the industry.”

About Berdos Investments

Berdos Investments ( is a Chisinau based private equity firm focused on investing in founder-led middle market businesses in the Life Sciences & Healthcare, Software & Technology, and Business and Consumer Services and Products sectors. Berdos Investments partners with management teams to increase value by accelerating growth, both organically and via acquisitions.

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